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Tips, techniques and try-outs for earning a top spot in SERPs*

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How to help customers find your website fast

S.E.O. While these three letters stand for something quite technical (Search Engine Optimization), performing good SEO is as much about the needs of humans as it is about the search engines themselves.

People first

Effective SEO is about understanding what people want. It is about knowing what they are searching for –  their doubts and uncertainties, the how-to answers they’re seeking, the kind of content they want or need to read to make informed buying and other decisions.

In short, optimizing your website or articles effectively for search engines means optimizing the content efficiently for humans in the first place.

When the content you provide satisfies the search engine (say Google) that a human who is searching for a solution will find value in your words, then your website or article becomes a likely candidate to be served up prominently in that search engine’s results pages.

Answer a human need

Your SEO efforts should therefore be a double-edged sword: the one edge is knowing your prospects’ intent; the other is creating and publishing content in a way that Google can find and interpret it – and then deem it worthy of being suggested to its users.

Help is at hand

For an experienced copywriter, wielding this double-edged sword to cut through the clutter of competing websites should come as second nature. That’s what we do to help Google, to help our clients’ customers find businesses that can provide precisely what they’re searching for.

Paid-for ads vs free listings in search results – is that even a conundrum?

Of course you could pay to drive traffic (people = customers) to your website. But why? 

Why on earth would you fork out money when you could attract those same people, on the same web page for free?

Yes, paid online advertising can and do connect prospects to websites – at a cost for every click. On the other hand, popping up in the organic search results (the seemingly random* appearance of your website in Google’s pages) costs nothing, once the initial optimisation work has been done.

You’d probably agree this would be compelling motivation for any budget conscious marketer to consider SEO over pay-per-click advertising.

Organic rings true

What’s more, organic search result listings come across as being more credible, which is probably why way more people click on those than on the paid ads higher up on the page.

The fact that your site shows up in search is a vote of confidence. A vote that was earned, not paid for.

*Actually, with solid SEO in place, there’s nothing random or haphazard about showing up in search.

You see, the free appearance of your website in Google is the search engine’s way of rewarding you for having well written, credible, useful information on your site.

This is because Google only wants the best for its users.

The better and more useful your content, the more likely Google is to offer it to its users, the very people you want to attract to your site.

Unlike paid advertising that is necessarily short-lived, high quality, customer-relevant content can be evergreen – yielding repeatable results for years.

Get the technical side sorted

Besides providing well written, useful information, here’s another secret for reaching the top of search: create and structure your content so that Google (and other search engines) will easily understand, index and serve it up to people looking for the type of product or service you are dealing with.

All above board

Earning free exposure in Google is not the result of somehow “gaming” the system, like stuffing a page with keywords. Today’s Google is far too clever to let that happen.

Instead, the way to earn any prominence in the competitive space called the Internet is firstly by creating genuinely useful, informative content that is easy to read and on point. The type of content that both search engines and customers like to see. And secondly, to make sure every possible technical on-page SEO intervention is taken care of and accounted for.

While generating quality content that is pertinent to your prospective customers will have a price, the once-off investment will certainly yield great brand-building results in the long haul.

Five sure ways to increase the amount (and quality) of traffic to your website

  • 1. Write informative content. Instead of publishing what you think Google wants to see (lots of repeated keywords perhaps?), consider the needs of your target audience. Know their pain-points, then offer the cure.
  • 2. Perform on-site SEO. The technical tweaks that help Google understand the main topic of your website: Page titles, H1 headlines, alt text tags, metadata, and so on.
  • 3. Do use long-tail keywords and synonyms. Be conversational (if that sits well with your brand's voice): spice up your content with phrases that people actually use. (Keyword research helps. So does keeping your ears to the ground.)
  • 4. Write and publish widely about your subject matter. When people share your posts and link back to your website, it signals to Google that your site may have sufficient authority and popularity to dish it up to people looking for answers via the search engine.
  • 5. Make social media work for you. Show up where your potential or current customers are. But avoid the hard-sell approach. Again, be truly helpful by offering knowledge or a solution.
“Tino quickly understands my clients’ needs. He adds flair to the mundane and simplifies the complex without losing facts. He is never short of a concept and always retains this beautifully in the body copy.”
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